arcata's demographics
opportunity atlas
a well-researched atlas comparing neighborhoods across the country based on how successful their children grow up to be.
workplace resources
equity arcata welcoming businesses newsletters
learning session resources
implicit bias resources

self-assessments for implicit bias

resources on microaggressions

racial identity development


women of color writing about race and racism

japanese incarceration history

holidays and cultural appropriation

additional resources
bridging: towards a society built on belonging
a short video from the Haas Institute about creating an inclusive society in challenging and divisive times.
the invention of whiteness
youtube video by john a. powell about the creation of race and whiteness in the united states.
what is white privilege, really?
a comprehensive article from teaching tolerance about the history, meaning, and function of white privilege.
white privilege: unpacking the invisible knapsack
article by peggy mcintosh defining white privilege and offering examples of how the concept works in daily life.
what is intersectionality?
youtube video from peter hopkins, professor of social geography at newcastle university, about the concept of intersectionality.
resources for talking with kids about race, racism, and racialized violence
compiled by border crossers, this list will be updated as they become aware of more resources.
how the united states stole thousands of native american children
youtube video: "native children were funneled into the child welfare system. and programs, like the little-known government 'indian adoption project' intentionally placed them with white adoptive families." 
code cwitch
podcast from NPR by journalists and writers of color about talking about race.
seeing white
podcast series about whiteness and racial politics.
applying a racial equity and inclusion lens to collective impact
blog on collective impact
other local organizations
equity alliance of the north coast
a broad coalition of nonprofits, local governments, and the business community that offers education, dialogue, and coaching for organizations and individuals.
eureka chapter of the national association of the advancement of colored people.
black humboldt
black humboldt is interested in networking, building relationships and community with the black population residing and visiting Humboldt County.
centro del pueblo
centro del pueblo offers a safe space for the raza/indígena community to advance culturally, politically and practically on California's North Coast.
redwood community action agency
redwood community action agency (RCAA) is a locally based, private non-profit organization that provides a wide range of services to low and moderate income residents of Humboldt County.
meal resources
food for people
food for people  operates 18 programs, each of which is designed to address the needs of those who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity in Humboldt County.
HSU's OH SNAP! food program
OH SNAP! is dedicated to assisting Humboldt State University students with food needs.
local POC owned businesses
for a comprehensive list, visit Black Humboldt's website.
humboldt state university student resources
office of diversity, equity & inclusion (ODEI)
charged with coordinating a process to track, monitor, and report on a range of key indicators of campus diversity. their site provides:
  • diversity and equity updates
  • faculty resources on inclusive pedagogy
  • filing a bias complaint
diversity resource guide
ODEI's guide and introduction to the people, places, and services available on campus and in the local community. includes listings for a range of resources, from academic services, and cultural organizations, to health and wellness centers.  
cultural centers for academic excellence
culturally-based support programs that assist hsu students in reaching their academic and career goals by providing networks that blend cultural, community, and faculty engagement with structured mentoring.
  • multicultural center
  • african american center for academic excellence
  • latinx center for academic excellence
  • native american center for academic excellence
scholars without borders
resources and information for undocumented students.
eric rofes multicultural queer resource center
clubs & activities: cultural clubs
center for teaching & learning
creating opportunities that support learning-centered, culturally relevant experiences for faculty.
training and professional development
lists classes on unconscious bias training for faculty and staff.
humboldt state university library
hosts workshops and training on diversity and bias throughout the year.
city of arcata employee resources
handouts and general information 
topics address recruiting, hiring, retention, and advancement.
what diversity and inclusion ask, and how equity and social justice respond.
breakdown of subtle racism and engaging in cross-racial discussions.
recognizing and handling racism.
fact sheet on what implicit bias is, how it operates, and what we can do about it.

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