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Black Humboldt

Black Humboldt is interested in networking, building relationships and community with the Black population residing and visiting Humboldt  County, CA.

Eureka NAACP

The vision of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.

Native Women's Collective

The Native Women's Collective is a grassroots nonprofit organization that supports the continued growth of Native American arts, culture, leadership and community development through public education, workshops, exhibits, research, cultural preservation projects, programs and technical assistance. 

Queer Humboldt

Queer Humboldt is an anti-racist, anti-colonialist resource center, serving queer individuals and groups in Humboldt County and the surrounding tribal areas through community education, affordable mental health services, micro grants, networking and more.

Centro del Pueblo

Centro del Pueblo offers a safe space for the raza/indígena community to advance culturally, politically, and practically on California's North Coast.

Humboldt Asians and Pacific Islanders in Solidarity (HAPI)

The purpose of Humboldt Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity (HAPI) is to build and empower our community by amplifying, supporting, and encouraging diverse voices and perspectives to foster a more engaged and inclusive community.

Outer Space Arcata

Outer Space Arcata is an arts and music collective based out of Arcata, CA – Wiyot land. The focuses of Outer Space (a 100% volunteer run DreamMaker Project of the Ink People Center for the Arts since 2015) are community building, empowering youth, & promoting the understanding of societies’ oppressions through education and creative expression.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is dedicated to creative growth through artful living. We encourage people to teach, inspire and know each other by providing resources to artists and programming for community members.

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