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Equity arcata working groups

Our working groups are dedicated to improving racial equity through events and learning sessions. Currently, equity arcata consists of six working groups, with each uniquely contributing to racial equity work.

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We work to create racially 

equitable marketing and communications practices with cultural humility top of mind. We believe in the importance of looking at traditional marketing & communications methods with a racial equity lens in order to create inclusive messaging for all.

Led by: Lynette Nutter


Ongoing Learning

We work to offer learning opportunities about dismantling institutional and systemic racism and white supremacy culture in collaboration with other racial equity efforts in the community for equity arcata members, cal poly students and staff, and community members.

Led by: Janaee' Sykes & Meridith Oram


Ongoing Learning modules: click here 

Welcoming Businesses

We work to develop an environment of racial awareness, discussion and learning opportunities within the local business community so that businesses treat employees and customers fairly.


Led by: Ramesh Adhikari


Just Arts

We work to organize opportunities for artistic expression, exhibition, performance, and dialogue surrounding racial equity.

Led by: James Woglom


Home Away From Home

In the spirit of camaraderie and good will, Home Away From Home volunteers host community-building potlucks to create a cultural bridge between local college students and non-student members of the community, in addition to supporting local initiatives surrounding food insecurity. Due to COVID-19, home away from home has been hosting supply giveaways in lieu of potlucks.


Led by: Wesley Chesbro & Anne Hartline, Contact:

Police and Student Safety

We work to foster an environment where the relationship between community members and law enforcement, as well as fair practices of law enforcement, support BIPOC community members to feel safe, protected, represented and engaged.

Led by: Peter Cress


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