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equity arcata working groups

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the volunteer working groups that support equity arcata initiatives include:


goal: to build strategies that ensure accessible and affordable housing choices safe from discrimination, crime and environmental hazards by promoting:

  • accessibility to affordable housing

  • the liberty to choose the environment we live in

led by: alex ozaki

Contact: a.ozakimcneill@gmail.com

training and learning          

goal: to focus on a spectrum of action steps via ongoing learning opportunities for:

  • humboldt state university staff and faculty

  • city of arcata employees

  • city of arcata and humboldt state university police officers, with a specific focus on unbiased policing

  • business owners and employees, beginning with retail and food service businesses

  • the general arcata community, including students, residents, faith-based communities and non-profits

led by: meridith oram and ron white

contact:  meridith.oram@humboldt.edu


goal: to create racially equitable marketing and communications practices with cultural humility top of mind. we believe in the importance of looking at traditional marketing and communications methods with a racial equity lens in order to create inclusive messaging for all.

led by:  cati gallardo

contact: cgallardo@cityofarcata.org

bias reporting

working group goal: to develop connections between vulnerable communities, local support and law enforcement by creating an online mapping and reporting system that allows people to document their experiences of bias and discrimination in the community, as well as places that are welcoming and inclusive.

led by: jennifer eichstedt

contact: jennifer.eichstedt@humboldt.edu

welcoming businesses

working group goal: to foster an environment of racial awareness and discussion as it relates to the safety, equal treatment, honest communication and policies in interactions with people of color in their collective and individual interactions with local city businesses.

led by: chuck powell 

contact: chuckjpowell@gmail.com

home away from home

working group goal: in the spirit of camaraderie and good will, volunteer student and non-student community members and the city of arcata will host community-building potlucks to create a cultural bridge between campus and the community.      

led by: wesley chesbro

contact: weschesbro@yahoo.com

police & student safety

goal: people of color should feel safe interacting with law enforcement and peace officers. we aim to foster an environment where people of color feel safe, protected, represented and engaged.

led by: humboldt state university police chief donn peterson

contact:  donn.peterson@humboldt.edu