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equity arcata network structure

The design team guides the network structure and strategy. It also attracts key influencers and funding. It requires at least 1 member from each working group and meets every 4-6 weeks.

Design team
Consists of all working group chairs

Advisory committee
Network manager + additional partners

The Network
6 working groups

Welcoming Businesses

Just Arts

Ongoing Learning


Home Away From Home

Police and Student Safety

The advisory committee provides credibility, expertise, and funding channels. They also support the design team by removing barriers and brokering relationships. They meet quarterly.

Backbone Support Team

The Network Manager and Coordinator

  • Runs network operations

  • Plans network and initiative group meetings

  • Manages initiative group work

  • Manages evaluation and progress tracking

Program Associates (Racial Equity Intern, ODEI Student Assistant)

  • Supports network meetings

  • Provides admin capacity

  • Coordinates initiative group meetings

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