equity arcata's story begins in 2016 when the tri-sctor equity alliance was founded by leaders representing the city of arcata and cal poly humboldt.

this informal group met regularly over the next year with members of the arcata business community to address racism and topics including diversity, inclusion, policing concerns and challenges expressed by undocumented members of the community.

after cal poly humboldt students of color shared their experiences and asked city officials and other leaders to work on solutions, the tri-sector equity alliance sponsored a workshop where 65 participants from different sectors of the community and took part in a day-long planning session.

attendees brought their experiences, opinions and questions to the table. in breakout sessions, groups confronted a wide range of challenges such as housing discrimination and cultural diversity in the tk-12 school curriculum.

based on their work, equity arcata was officially established in 2017 as an effort to make arcata a more inclusive and welcoming environment for people of color.