learning sessions
modules created in 2022:
colorism: february
bell hooks: march
servant leadership: april
intro to traditional ecological knowledge(tek): may
modules created in 2021:
collective impact: january
"i dream a world": february
poetry as protest: march
bao phi & racial equity: april
give the police departments to the grandmothers: may
meritocracy: june
zero-sum game and mcghee’s the sum of us: august 2021
history of the chinese community in humboldt county: september
missing and murdered indigenous women: october
envisioning better futures: november
implicit bias resources

self-assessments for implicit bias

resources on microaggressions

racial identity development


holidays and cultural appropriation

city of arcata employee resources
handouts and general information 
topics address recruiting, hiring, retention, and advancement.
what diversity and inclusion ask, and how equity and social justice respond.
breakdown of subtle racism and engaging in cross-racial discussions.
recognizing and handling racism.